Number of guests
– including any children.
Special considerations – e.g. allergy sufferers, diabetics or the like. lign.
The prices quoted are based on a minimum number of people, and it is a prerequisite that the same menu is served to all participants. For diabetics and allergy sufferers, however, a suitable special menu is always served.

It is important that your toastmaster coordinates the course of the evening with the waiter in charge or the kitchen.

We offer our standard decoration on the tables; vases with bouquets of dried flowers – if you want something else, this is agreed and settled yourself with a flower shop.
We are of course happy to set up all decoration, table cards, table plan etc.
We must have a table plan no later than 2 days before the party and all decoration no later than the morning of the party.
Ift. tablecloths and napkins then we order the desired colors home

If a musician has been hired, they should be made aware that instruments etc. must be set up before the host couple arrives in the room. Also be aware that musicians according to their contract are usually entitled to food and drink – we charge DKK 250.00 per. envelope for musician food.

Late night snack
Served no later than 01.30 on the Command Bridge, we recommend 01.00… The later it is served the fewer guests there are to enjoy it. Remember that night food is not “please leave” food.

The party must end no later than 04.00 on the Command Bridge
After this, the waiters will politely turn on the lights and make the guests aware that now the party is over. … However, we experience very rarely that the party does not end naturally before that.

Menus for children under 10 years are settled with the agreed price. We offer both our children’s menu card, or possibly. a smaller version of the adults’ menu