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spoil someone you care about

Do you need the perfect gift to spoil someone you care about? With a gift card from by Grantland, you can relax and be sure that you will be thought of when it is redeemed.

Our gift cards can be used for all our dining experiences as well as special products at by Grantland.

Buy your gift here on the site – it can be picked up from us, but can also be sent digitally to your email.

Gift certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Payment is made by either MobilePay or bank transfer. Please write “Gift card – (Your name)” when paying.

MobilePay: 371370
Bank details: Reg 7656 Account 1300476

Remember that the information in the order form must be yours – and not on the recipient of the gift card; we would be sad to reveal your surprise by contacting the recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: Our gift cards are made manually and will not be sent out automatically after the order has been completed.
We always respond as soon as possible, and you will either receive the digital gift card – or a confirmation of a physical gift card – as soon as we have processed the order.

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TAK for alt fra Kommandobroen
..men Lille K slipper I altså ikke for!

Kommandobroen, som I kender det, har sidste åbningsdag den 22. oktober – herefter overtager Lille K pladsen i hele restauranten.

Tilmeld dig her – og vær altid opdateret når der sker spændende nyt.