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Spring 1/2 - 1/6

Scrambled crab with herb mayo & dill

White Asparagus with hand-peeled shrimps, egg cream and rye bread chips

Salted Hvide Sande fish with herb oil and horseradish

Potato Salad with cheese, parsley & mustard vinaigrette

Veal with white beech mushroom & Onions (warm)

Chicken with cabbage & lemon rhubarb compote with creme fraise & crunch

Sourdough bread and rye bread

Summer 1/6 - 1/9

Salmon with blinis & cream cheese

Scallop with peas & dill

Potato salad with smoked cheese, chives & cress

Grilled Hvide Sande fish with small carrots & radishes

Smoked pork tenderloin, with brie & onion compote

Beef carpaccio with bearnaise cream & green asparagus

Strawberry tart with vanilla & chocolate

Autumn 1/9 - 1/11

Smoked roe with smoked cheese & chips

“Burnt” salmon with herb cream, fennel & watercress

Broccoli salad with smoked tenderloin & chervil

Autumn mushrooms with crispy bread & thyme

Cured deer with truffle cream & pickled kohlrabi

Fried chicken salad with mild mustard, lettuce & cress (warm)

Baked apple cake with vanilla ice cream & caramel


Cured salmon with mustard & dill

Hand-peeled shrimps, egg cream, fresh salad & cress

Tempered cod with soy, hazelnut & parsley

Winter salad, with cabbage, citrus & trout roe

Smoked duck breast with dark berries & thyme (warm)

Terinne of pork & duck, with pears & tomato

Chocolate mousse with cherries & cinnamon

Price per person 398,- For 15 people or more
Price per person 448,- For less than 15 people

Roasted beef cuvette with Bordalsise sauce & green asparagus (warm): 98,- per person.
Hvide Sande fish on bread with herbs & fish fumé (warm): 98,- per person.
3 cheeses with accompaniments & crispbread: 118,- per person.

…the details
The buffets are made from 6 people and must be ordered at least 3 days in advance.
For less than 15 people, food is served in small plates and bowls that can be passed around and shared at the table.
Takeaway: Warm dishes are prepared, and must be warmed before serving.
Changes cannot be made to the menus.

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